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Useful Reports to Generate with Field Service Software

Useful Reports to Generate with Field Service Software

To make field service a profit center rather than a cost center, every Head of Sales should consider that field service software generates reports that are extremely useful. Having an in-depth understanding of the services and service calls your business deals with the most is a smart and great way to make your business more profitable. Reports can help you with both preventive and predictive maintenance.

Read on for a few types of reports field service software generates:

See All Open and Closed Service Calls 

What if you could see in one report which service calls still need to be completed and which ones were done? Perhaps there are trends with certain customers or certain technicians that have lower first-time fix rates than others. Being able to address this type of scenario, can help you know how to dispatch field service technicians; reports created by mobile workforce software help you do that.

Know What Types of Service Are Requested Most Frequently 

Let’s say you’re getting requests from a lot of energy companies for servicing chemical injection skids that keep pipelines protected from the corrosive liquids they contain. In fact, it turns out fixing injection skids is your number one most requested service, but you only have four technicians that have the specialized skills to complete these types of service calls. This report would allow you to adjust your portfolio and allocate more technicians with more training or utilize external field service techs to meet this high demand. You could even offer more types of services such as predictive maintenance based around injection skids. Making your customers happy and giving them the ability to get appointments sooner would help you earn more profits from those services. Furthermore, if you become aware that a certain kind of problem occurs frequently, you can then seek out a way to improve your product so that the problem stops happening.  

View Service Calls by Day 

With a report that breaks down service calls by day, you can view technicians’ schedules. You can see who’s booked, when, and what services they are providing to your customers. In that way, you get a clear view of how to schedule and allocate your resources. Maybe the last Thursday of the month is always the slowest for field services, or the first Monday of the month is always the busiest. With a report on your daily activity you can forecast the flow of your work weeks and months in advance, and schedule field service engineers in a way that benefits your business and your customers.

Customer Feedback / Satisfaction Levels

If you had a report that showed that most customers were regularly unhappy with the service received from your business, you’d want to do something to fix that wouldn’t you? You can customize field service software reports to see how satisfied your customers are with your field service technicians’ work. Getting customer feedback is one of the best ways to gage how well your business and your staff is doing. Having strong customer retention and customer loyalty is one of most important ways to stay profitable. 

Most Serviced Equipment: Improve Weak Areas

Recently, in Kenya, the country’s only working public radiotherapy machine broke down. It was the second radiotherapy machine to break down in the hospital, and it served over 120 cancer patients daily. Now their treatment is suspended indefinitely, which could cause their conditions to worsen. Perhaps you are a medical equipment manufacturer and you generate a report that shows you that radiotherapy machines are your most serviced type of equipment. Rather than constantly replacing parts and servicing, maybe it’s time for all of your customers to upgrade this piece of equipment before it’s too late and patients' lives are at stake. Your field service technicians can be utilized as upsellers and cross-sellers and suggest this upgrade to your customers, once the report has given you the opportunity to notice this trend. 


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