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Using the Power of Engineers for Field Service Sales

Using the Power of Engineers for Field Service Sales

Imagine that you have a child who is struggling in math class. He comes home from school with math homework that he doesn’t really understand. You try to help him yourself, but you’re not sure how to solve the problems either. So you call a tutoring company. Soon, a tutor comes to your home, and helps your son complete his math homework.

Now imagine that in this scenario, your field service company is the tutoring company and it hires a bunch of “tutors,” or in your case: engineers. On a level that’s almost equal to your dedicated sales team, your engineers have a large amount of power to help increase your sales. They are often the main point of contact that customers have with your field service business on an in-personal level.

Here’s how you can harness the power of engineers for sales.

Show Off Credibility and Expert Status

When a field service engineer arrives at a customer’s business to service a piece of equipment, they are seen as experts on the subject of that machinery. This lends them credibility that the sales team might not have with the customer. While the sales team might be viewed as just trying to make a sale, engineers know all of the intricacies of a piece of broken equipment. Therefore, their advice and suggestions for add-on services and upgrades are viewed by the customer as more credible since they’re not selling on a macro level; they’re in the trenches at the micro-level and can see what equipment is really needed by the customer at that time.

Physical Mobility is a Plus

Because field service software has smarter dispatching and scheduling, engineers are able to get to more jobs than they would without it. They have the ability to see a number of people each day, and engineers are -- in a sense -- doing sales calls every time they arrive on-site for a service visit. By empowering engineers to do mobile sales, you’re essentially multiplying your sales force.

Customer Service Creates Customer Loyalty

Nowadays, customer service is an important component of field service. Customers stay loyal to businesses that provide great customer service. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, when customers are “very satisfied” with a business’ service, that business will experience a 100% customer retention rate. When your field service engineers provide amazing service, it’s one very good way to increase your sales, since those customers will continue to remain customers, ordering new parts and services.

Leverage Customer Knowledge

In the tutoring scenario, if the tutor sees over time that your child struggles with addition more than subtraction, the tutor will know to focus efforts on getting the child more learning materials to help with addition.

A Mobile Service App provides field service engineers with the customer’s history that can be pulled up with the touch of a fingertip. This deep and detailed knowledge of a customer and their machines, allows engineers to upsell intelligently. Everyone likes feeling that a business knows them, understands their needs, and wants to help them reach their goals. Customers are likely to trust that the engineer who’s onsite has their best interests in mind when selling them on additional products and services.

Demonstrate a Faster Sales Process

People like getting what they want or order as soon as possible. When engineers are on-site, they have the ability to pull up field part inventory and complete a sale via field service software instantly. This means techs can also install new products immediately, helping the customer skip some steps in the service process that would involve putting in a service request or order, getting the appointment scheduled, and waiting for the appointment.

Your engineers are your biggest asset as they have the knowledge and the credibility to become valuable advisors to your customers and ambassadors of your company. 


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