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What This Medical Equipment Supplier Did to Speed up Invoicing

What This Medical Equipment Supplier Did to Speed up Invoicing

Your technician hurries out to a service call and successfully fixes a broken part on a piece of machinery. Ideally, the tech writes up the report, returns the paperwork to the office, an invoice is created, mailed to the customer, and your business receives payment for the service within a few days. However, with manual systems, quite a few kinks could happen in this process. For example, the tech could have bad handwriting and needs to be found and consulted on the final price before the back office can send the invoice. With manual or paper-based systems, many companies have to wait a long time before they ever receive payment.

Having a fast way to invoice customers is a big reason many companies decide to switch to using field service software. When they started using Coresystems Field Service Software, Xograph Healthcare, a medical equipment supplier, wanted to better monitor their incoming revenue and outgoing spending.

Saying Goodbye to a Paper-Based System

Previously, Xograph used a paper-based reporting system that had its fair share of flaws. Namely, technicians didn’t always turn in their hand-written paperwork in a timely manner after completing a job. Sometimes, they even lost the paperwork.

“[Our system] crashed a lot, and it became very dated. It’d had its day,” said Steve Bray, Xograph Finance Manager. “We had three different databases not talking to one another; there was no integration. Engineers were using handheld written sheets. We realized we needed to have a better solution.”

So Bray began searching for an answer to this problem. And he found one with Coresystems Field Service Software used in conjunction with SAP Business One. Now Xograph has a solution that meets their invoicing and cost reporting needs and can be used by the whole company, not just the field service force.

Improving Cost Reports

Aside from invoicing, Xograph needed a better system for generating cost reports. The company services equipment for the machine’s entire lifespan—about 10 years—so they wanted to see a breakdown of costs over the decade. Before using field service software, they weren’t able to keep up detailed records on costs. Xograph knew something had to change because they wanted to be able to price their service intelligently and competitively. Knowing how much money was being spent on everything from service time to parts would be helpful for the sales team and throughout the business.

With field service automation, Xograph is reaping the rewards of generating better reports.

“The benefits are that we can now figure out the costs [of servicing equipment],” says Bray.

For more information on how field service software makes invoicing and cost reporting easier, read our complete Case Study with Xograph Healthcare.


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