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What to Consider When Choosing a Field Service Software

What to Consider When Choosing a Field Service Software

In order for field service managers to provide the best customer service possible, it’s a necessity to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Field service software allows managers and technicians to have access to schedules and dispatches, while working in conjunction with other back-office systems. There are many different types of software available, but there are common threads that make certain types of field service software better than others. Here are five things field service managers should look out for when choosing a field service software.


There’s no point in purchasing software that does not integrate smoothly with a company’s existing IT infrastructure. It’s a must that field service managers be able to use the software shortly after installation, so easy integration is key to getting services up and running.

Ease of Use

Once the software has been integrated into a company’s infrastructure, field service managers need to be able to quickly learn how to use the software so they can immediately put it to work. Field service software should be easy enough for even the least tech-savvy of field service managers to use with no problems or confusion.

Full Mobility

Since field service managers spend a good amount of time out and about, it’s important for field service software to be mobile. Whether working online or offline, managers need to be able to access and utilize the software and have everything sync with the cloud, without having to wait to upload everything in a traditional office. With a fully mobile field service software, team members would be able to access information and project updates as well.

Team Ready

The best field service software is scalable, meaning it can be used by both small and large teams. Everyone involved with a project should have access to the software and be able to find out the information they need to complete the service project.

Total Solution

Everything from work orders to locations to documentation to tasks should be included in the field service software for true end-to-end field service management. Having a software that provides all of these elements makes executing tasks and processes simple, handling problems faster, and helps field service managers provide successful customer service.

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