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Why It Doesn’t Matter Which Mobile Device You Use for Field Service

Why It Doesn’t Matter Which Mobile Device You Use for Field Service

When Alstom needed to find a mobile device for their field service technicians, they had to consider many things. Alstom has thousands of technicians spread all over the world who have the massive task of inspecting power plants. In our field service management case study, Alstom spent a year creating a requirements catalogue to help decide which mobile field service solution to choose. But we’ve condensed this process for you into a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing your team’s field service management mobile device and software. Ultimately, choosing a great field service software will help your business more than choosing a particular device.

Technicians’ Tasks Aren’t Limited by the Device

Whether your technicians should work with an Apple or Android device isn’t the real question. The real question is: does your field service software allow your technicians to do all of the tasks they need to do? From GPS navigation to getting customer signatures to taking photos of broken parts to entering measurements, enabling your technicians with the best software on their mobile devices is crucial. Yes, there are pros and cons to using tablets, smartphones, and laptops, but the thing that connects all of the devices and makes each of them useful in their own right is great field service software.

Software Agility Matters More Than Working Environments

Some technicians have to work around water, others around electrical equipment, heat sources, and other elements that could interfere with the operation of a mobile device. While working environments should be kept in consideration, amazing field service software works on any mobile device and is flexible enough to work in any environment. With great software, technicians can access the features they need, when they need them, and even work offline in remote or dangerous locations. A good field service management software cloud will enable synchronization once technicians are back online.

Field Service Software Lets Technicians Complete Necessary Tasks

If technicians need to collect signatures, snap photos, or annotate problems, the choice of field service management software is more important than the choice of smartphone or tablet, Apple or Android. Great field service software can be customized to let techs enter detailed data points or create pre-defined checklists to make your technicians work flow uniform, no matter which device they’re working on.

Your Tech Hardware Budget and Software Budget Don’t Have to Compete

It doesn’t matter which brand of smartphone or tablet is cheaper or more expensive for your team. You can buy whichever brand or device your budget will allow—or  even put into place a cost-saving BYOD policy—because a great field service software doesn’t depend of your ability to afford a certain device as long as it works on mobile. Field service software is customizable to your budget since with the field service management software cloud solution, you only pay for the space you’re using. Additionally, you don’t need to spend money on costly software updates if your business is growing.  

The Power of Your Software is Critical for Your Brand

Everything from how your technicians dress to what equipment they use to the mobile devices they carry, communicates a message about your brand. However, the label or style of your technicians’ tablets and devices is far less important for your brand, than the ability your technicians have to solve problems quickly and service equipment efficiently. Field service software that’s flexible, customizable, and powerful will impress customers no matter which device it’s being used on. And it will empower technicians with the information they need to do just that.

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