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Why Should I Invest in Field Service Software?

Why Should I Invest in Field Service Software?

The digital age has become synonymous with real-time services and solutions and streamlined operations. Benefiting from all that the digital age has to offer starts with digitizing your standard business processes. That is why many successful companies have turned to field service management software. Here are five ways you stand to benefit from implementing a field service solution:

1. Satisfied Customers!

Easy access to information is not just a bonus for service technicians. Your customers also stand to gain. With customer, order, inventory, history and even more information at their fingertips, service technicians not only get the job done quickly but also often the first time around. Real-time tracking provides transparency and seamless communication with customers. Furthermore, the ready availability of device and customer history gives field service representatives an opportunity to upsell and cross-sell upgrades, new devices, and extended warranties. This streamlined lead generation ensures that customers are working with the best tools and services, and also shows them that your company cares about their needs, productivity and success. For more insider insight into how Field Service Management software is improving customer satisfaction read our success story with Caldoro!

2. Enabled Employees!

Field service software optimizes communications with your team. It facilitates the real-time overview of service technician location, availability and performance. Both offline and in the cloud. AI-powered scheduling and dispatching ensures that the best situated and skilled service technician is dispatched to the customer site. Drag-and-drop scheduling features also speed up the process of assigning and re-assigning tasks. Additionally, the consolidation of data provides more comprehensive knowledge management. This information helps create checklists, a valuable tool for service technicians to get a job done quickly and reliably. All in all, there are measurable improvements in speed and efficiency! To learn more about how Field Service Management is empowering employees, read our success story with Inicom.

3. Fewer Mistakes!

Offline access to key knowledge in the form of checklists, training videos, and manuals means fewer mistakes by service technicians. Also, adding data like standardized processes, safety alerts, and more into the ERP system reduces the possibility of human error. That, coupled with the potential to use analytics to improve processes, all adds up to better customer service and real savings. To learn about how Field Service Management can reduce the number of mistakes in day-to-day operations, read our success story with VGS

4. Faster Invoicing!

Field service software creates entirely digitized customer service process. This includes reporting and invoicing. Eliminating paper is not only sustainable, it also makes standard operational processes less cumbersome. And faster! Service technicians can enter data into their mobile devices as they work, and then easily request customer approval for all tasks completed. This means invoicing can also be accomplished in real-time! See how companies are speeding up the invoicing process with field service management tools in our success story with Wolffkran.

5. Get Future Ready!

Many industries are currently in the grip of the digital transformation. IoT has resulted in intricate communications between devices. Augmented Reality is changing how employees are trained and the tools they use to do their jobs. The gig economy is redefining how we work. Crowd service solutions are becoming a common solution for expanding an expert workforce.

By preparing your data and your team for these big changes, field service management software provides you with the groundwork you will need to take these next steps in the digital age.

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