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Why You Should Choose Coresystems for Field Service Management

Why You Should Choose Coresystems for Field Service Management

Many companies have now accepted that in order to cut costs and grow revenues from services, they need to move on from simple paper or spreadsheet based processes and invest in field service automation solutions.

Choosing service management software can be a daunting process. The number of providers on the market is growing, and comparing like for like between companies can be difficult.

At the very least, companies should be looking for a field service solution that covers all steps of the job. The biggest benefits are achieved when engineers:

  • have all the service information they need immediately available with them on site;
  • can follow a set of detailed instructions specifically tailored to the individual customer;
  • can instantly produce a customer report for immediate sign-off;
  • can offer valued advice on new services and products;
  • do their job efficiently and the customer experiences less production downtime and starts seeing the company as a partner.

After youve narrowed down your choices, and compared feature to feature, are there other points you should consider? We think so. Heres what we think makes Coresystems stand out:

1. Solid Experience in Integrating our Field Service Systems with ERP

Companies that choose field service solutions especially manufacturers and distributors will often have an ERP system in place. Its important to choose a vendor that can integrate these two systems. Weve had plenty of experience at Coresystems doing just that, including at DeLaval  a company specializing in the dairy business.  

2. Guided Integration

Integration can be another scary prospect. Companies are often terrified at the thought of how a lengthy integration to a new system impacts their business. Will their data be secure during the transition? How much time will it take to learn and re-train staff onto the new system? How much downtime will that cause? Will you be able to communicate during the integration? At Coresystems we are well aware of the fears that integration can cause, and guide our customers through every step of the process.

3. A Field Service Partner Who Listens

A good field service management partner will understand the very specific needs of your enterprise. Additionally, the partner will take time to understand the service processes of your field service organization. At Coresystems, we have a history of taking the time to listen to our partners to help them get the most out of their field service call management software. We have encouraged companies to take their unique practices and helped them adopt best practices. Weve also supported them to set up and track KPIs to understand how their business is performing and how further efficiencies can be made.

4. We’re In Tune with Emerging Technologies

At Coresystems, we keep a close eye on the technology trends impacting field service. Big data, IoT, wearables are just a few of the technologies weve explored to ensure our customers are exploiting the latest developments. While wearables are presenting many opportunities in field service, weve seen that the readily available wearable on the market are not quite ready for full-scale roll out.

Weve helped a number of companies both big and small from around the world in different industries tackle their field service management. From listening to your unique needs to recommending and implementing best practices, we can help your company cut costs and grow service revenues.

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