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Inspecting power plants with an iPad and the cloud

«Everything is running smoothly and the data synchronization via Coresystems Cloud is also functioning perfectly. Coresystems is innovative, flexible and extremely reliable.»


Gert-Jan den Boer
IT Manager Global Projects

Alstom launched its mobility project with a 50-page requirements catalogue and gave leading manufacturers three months to present an initial prototype. Coresystems heard of the tender two days before the deadline and had just enough time to impress Alstom with their mobile service standard app.

Alstom is the world leader in constructing plants and products for the generation and transmission of electricity and for rail infrastructure. Alstom sets the standard for innovative, environmentally-friendly technologies. Alstom employs over 92,000 persons in about 100 countries and recorded sales of 20 billion euros for the 2011/2012 business year. A significant proportion of the French industrial group’s revenue is generated from the inspection and maintenance of power plants built for their customers. Facilities around the world are regularly inspected and reviewed by the Alstom service technicians and an inspection may last from a few days to several weeks. Guided by plans and instructions, the service technicians disassemble and reassemble machine components, take measurements and record all the results with meticulous care.

Field Service Technician in Power Plant

Switching the service processes to a mobile solution will have an immediate effect on several thousand Alstom employees worldwide. The project team has therefore approached this issue with an appropriate level of care and caution. First of all, a requirements catalogue was put together over the course of a year to serve as the basis for developing a prototype.

Field testing began at the end of November 2012 under the management of the Alstom project team.

Mobile service support on- and offline

To avoid having an adverse effect on the operation and safety of the power plant, the iPads are put into offline / flight mode during the inspection. The service technicians therefore need to have saved all the relevant data on the device before starting work. This affects checklists, file attachments, plant plans and maintenance manuals in particular. The standard version of the Coresystems Field Service app can already run in offline mode. Therefore, the user can access his data, change it or add new information at any time. The data can be synchronized as soon as the user reconnects to the Internet.

Once all the work in the power plant has been completed, the customer receives a detailed final report. Depending on the size of the power plant, it can take a lot of time to compile this report. Coresystems Field Service Software and the Coresuite Designer offer the option of standardizing the final reports, at least for smaller plant inspections. The service technician is then able to discuss the final report with the customer on the last day of the inspection and hand it over. The Coresuite Designer compiles all the relevant data recorded on the iPad during the inspection into a coherent form. In this way, smaller reports can be compiled quickly and either printed out or emailed.


About Alstom

Alstom is the world leader in constructing plants and products for the generation and transmission of electricity and for rail infrastructure. Alstom sets the standard for innovative, environmentally friendly technologies. Alstom also provides solutions and services for turnkey power stations generating electricity from gas, coal, water, wind and solar heat.

The company’s focus in energy transmission is on developing smart solutions for the Smart Grid. Alstom currently employs 92,000 persons in about 100 countries. The company achieved sales of sales of 20 billion euros for the 2011/2012 business year and booked orders amounting to nearly 22 billion euros.

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Teq - It's all about learning
Teq - It's all about learning
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