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A Perfect Cup of Coffee
Thanks to Service Automation

«We can react much faster now, because we no longer need to touch the paper report three times until we have the data in our system. Instead, we can enter everything on the tablet and this also means that back-office employees no longer need to deal with illegible hand-writing.»


Thomas Siedler
Managing Director

For a family business operating in the coffee machine industry, high-quality products and personal customer service are crucial to be competitive on the market. This applies especially to Thomas Siedler, who is a certified Barista since 2010 and knows what great coffee tastes like.
Before implementing Coresystems Field Service Software, Cald’oro was using paper-based forms to complete their service calls. Most of the time, the backoffice team did not know where the customer or the service technician were located or where the next service call would take place. Field staff spent a lot of time organizing: looking up a customer’s location, calling back-office agents and figuring out when the last service call was made.

Full Information at Their Fingertips

By automating their field service, Cald’oro wanted to increase efficiency and provide field staff with more information during their customer visits. In addition, the company wanted to shorten the invoicing process. Managing Director of Cald’oro, Thomas Siedler, decided to go with Coresystems, because he was convinced by the simplicity of the solution and by the commitment of the company’s employees.

Cald’oro currently has 10 employees, so the implementation was completed in no time. Each service technician received a tablet with the Coresystems Field Service Application installed. The benefits – more efficient processes and faster invoicing – were instantly visible.

“We see a lot of benefits in this software solution. For example, moving from a paper statement to a digitized working process saves us a lot of time. We can react much faster now, because we no longer need to touch the paper report three times until we have the data in our system. Instead, we can enter everything on the tablet and this also means that back-office employees no longer need to deal with illegible hand-writing”, explains Thomas Siedler.

In addition to saving a lot of time, field service technicians can now also generate a report directly after completing a service call and even include the customer’s signature. Furthermore, they can send an e-mail to the client with the service order attached, which again improves transparency. All activity is stored electronically in the cloud, which means that service staff can access information on past and future visits to a specific customer. For example, they can find out when the customer had the last service call or when the next maintenance would be due. All this information and more is stored in Coresystems’ solution.

Life Made Easier for Field Service Staff

“Ever since I’ve been working with the mobile solution from Coresystems, a lot has changed for me: I am much faster at creating service orders or finding spare parts. I can see at a glance what my colleague did during his last visit, what work he carried out on the machine and what the problem was”, explains Daniel Reichert, service technician at Cald’oro GmbH. “Everything is just much faster. You can see right away what part was changed during the last service or which item got damaged and when. It allows me to narrow down the errors in no time.”

Using Coresystems Field Service Software, Cald’oro can make their processes more efficient. Furthermore, the software also helps the company increase customer satisfaction every day. And happy customers mean more business. One such happy customer is Sepp Greil: The hotelier uses Cald’oro machines to serve great coffee in his hotel and is impressed by the innovative solution: “I would like to say thank you for the perfect service. For me, seeing all the efforts listed on an iPad was new, but I could understand exactly what had been done. The service was rendered much faster and more efficiently and I can only congratulate the company on implementing this solution.”


About Cald’oro GmbH
“There is no such thing as a perfect cup of coffee, but thanks to our products we come pretty close.” This is the slogan that Thomas Siedler, Founder and Managing Director of Cald’oro GmbH, lives by.

Cald’oro was initially established in Kufstein, Austria, in 2006. Ever since, the family business stands for excellent coffee. Cald’oro is a local distributor of high-quality coffee and hot drinks machines in Austria. The company also has their own service team, which takes care of repairing and maintaining the high-quality machines.

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