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Growing a Corporate Housing Business With Field Service Automation

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CWS Home Services has 18 field service employees who deliver everything from couches and irons to the corporate apartments rented out.


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When a customer calls to ask for the status, the Service Coordinator is able to provide all real-time information about progress of a delivery.


Coresystems provided the most user-friendly product. 

CWS Home Services has 18 field service employees who deliver everything from couches and irons to the corporate apartments rented out by its sister company, CWS Corporate Housing. Before deciding to implement Coresystems Field Service Software, the company used a mixture of office programs pieced together to accomplish the scheduling of the furniture delivery, pick-up, and cleaning. “We were working with a very limited and antiquated system, which caused too much human error, confusion, and delay,” explains Brooke Parnell, Logistics and Services Coordinator at CWS Home Services.

It Took Five Calls Before You Knew a Job Was Done

The managers and scheduling assistants were scheduling and dispatching the field employees using a standard email calendar, so it wasn’t clear when a job was done. Given that the company already operates in five regions, this way of scheduling wasn’t very efficient. “It’s about five calls until I know whether a job is done,” says Parnell. When a customer called to ask for the status of a delivery, it wasn’t possible to give an immediate response.

When field employees lost papers related to their assigned jobs, they didn’t know which jobs they had to complete or what furniture they had to deliver or pick-up.

The company needed a tool to schedule and dispatch its field service employees more efficiently. They also needed to keep track of furniture and housewares, conduct checklists, upload documents such as work orders, and attach pictures and notes of damages once a piece of furniture was picked up again. “We also needed [the software] to have both desktop and mobile capabilities to make sure that our team in the field was in the loop about everything,” says Parnell.

Empowering Field Employees to Manage Their Schedules

With Coresystems Field Service Software, CWS Home Services can now facilitate its scheduling and dispatching. The managers don’t need to be afraid that employees will accidently change schedules in the email calendar. At the same time, field employees are still able to manage their day. They are always informed about the jobs they need to do and when and where they need to do them. All the necessary information is in one place, including notes on the furniture and its location.

Parnell explains the company’s decision to choose Coresystems Field Service Software as follows:

Coresystems had everything that we were looking for. They provided the most user-friendly product. Not to mention, the way that the product is always developing, and the Sales Managers ability to help us figure out how we could make so many different functions work for us.

Rising Demand Calls for Field Service Automation

With the current demand rising, the company couldn’t use its paper-based system to scale quickly and acquire new business. With field service automation, CWS Home Services has a more elegant solution to be able to keep up with the demand now. The road for expansion is set.

How are employees and customers reacting to this change? They are excited about the software implementation and want to know everything about how it works. “I am also sure that our customers will love the innovation as we will be able to give them exact information on when their items will arrive or be picked up,” concludes Parnell.

About CWS Housing

CWS Corporate Housing began in 1995 as a local corporate housing company founded by Tracy Hayes in Austin, TX. While working in property management for CWS Apartment Homes, Tracy saw a business opportunity for fully furnished short-term rentals for business travelers. What started out as an amenity at one Austin community has developed into a multi-million dollar corporate housing company with offices in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Charlotte, Raleigh and Duluth. The sister company CWS Homes Services handles the logistics of the corporate apartment furniture and housewares.

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