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members of staff

Flyerline employs around 80 members of staff across Switzerland.


Business relevant data like sales figures, orders, business partners or open invoices are available on a smartphone.

less errors

Incoming payments can then be imported into SAP Business One and the order and the incoming payments are subsequently compared automatically, which saves time and prevents errors.

Since it was founded in 2002, Flyerline AG has grown to become one of the leading online print shops in Switzerland. While still taking into consideration costs and benefits, the company has joined forces with Coresystems ag to consistently optimize their business processes.

Coresystems started providing support to Flyerline AG at the end of 2012. To begin with, both parties sat together for a day to talk about the company’s basic objectives and requirements. Right from this day of collaboration, Coresystems’ specialists were active and implemented smaller system changes – Flyerline had been waiting months for such changes before Coresystems came along.

Clear separation via clients

In 2013, Flyerline opened their first store in Constance (Germany) and, at the end of that year, they also acquired Schaub und Rüedi Druck AG in Bern (Switzerland). By expanding into Germany and also expanding their printing capacity to another Swiss site, it became necessary to find a solution for mapping out this newly created corporate structure. Furthermore, any solution needed to take into consideration that other sites and national subsidiaries may be added in the future. Thanks to SAP Business One, it was no problem to separate the individual companies via clients in a way that was legally precise. To ensure that there is a central overview of the companies, all of the clients are connected via the B1i interface. Coresystems’ standard add-on, Coresuite Country Package, was one of the tools used to optimize the business processes and customize according country-specific requirements. All of the orders and services are settled under the individual companies.


As early as the order transaction, the customer’s creditworthiness is checked and, based on this, corresponding methods of payment (advance payment, credit card, invoice, etc.) are made available. All of the incoming payments are also communicated to Flyerline by the web operator and can then be imported into SAP Business One via the EFM (Electronic File Manager) add-on. The order and the incoming payments are subsequently compared automatically. This process optimisation saves time and prevents errors. This makes things easier and increases quality so that the company can offer customers even better service.

Well-informed thanks to Coresuite Cube and Coresystems Field Service Software

At Flyerline, complaints are stored in SAP Business One for the relevant order, which means that the error statistics can be evaluated as a percentage, for example. Further evaluation options can be created flexibly and quickly thanks to the Coresuite Sales Cube from Coresystems. This add-on can be used to identify winning products or slow-moving items, for example. To be able to remain on top of things, even on business trips, Flyerline’s management can use Coresystems Field Service Software on an Apple iPhone. This means that all of the relevant data from SAP Business One is also available on a smartphone, even when users are not in the office. This includes, for example, sales figures, orders, business partners or open invoices.

About Flyerline

Founded in 2002, Flyerline Schweiz AG is the leading online print shop in Switzerland. Thanks to new investment in the production area, and after acquiring Schaub und Rüedi Druck AG, the company now employs around 80 members of staff across Switzerland.

With the opening of the first Flyerline store in Constance, this specialist in online printing expanded into Germany in September 2013. Overall, it is an innovative company that offers standardised printed material, tailored Web2Print solutions, all kinds of individual printed material, Re-board® printable furniture, patented exchangeable frame systems for outdoor advertising and for developing and printing packaging. In October 2013, Flyerline Schweiz AG presented yet another unique concept: Designer furniture that is manufactured from printed twin-wall sheets within an upcycling process.

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