Since introducing the FSM solution by Coresystems, Inicom can respond to changes with significantly more flexibility

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work orders

More than 55 technicians must be coordinated for more than 42'000 service orders.


Time saving

Better and faster respond to increasing customer demands.

Improved reporting

Operations are transparently documented. Service technicians receive order information as a checklist on their mobile.

Initial Situation

As a service provider, Inicom Service GmbH covers service field work, equipment services, equipment rental and work shop services. For nationwide order processing and operational planning, the company employs around 55 technicians. Operational planning previously caused a lot of hassle, which led to a high rate of error. The information was sent via fax from wholesalers to Inicom. Inicom had to confirm all this again with the customer before commencing the order and planning the technician visit.

Changes to the order could not be made easily

Before planning the technician visit, the information had to be collated in Excel by dispatchers and then transferred to the existing system. This process was very static. A simple change to the order regarding the visit could not be made easily. The commissioning process therefore had to be replanned.

Requirements: A simple solution for quick customer service

Inicom looked for a suitable IT solution that allowed additions or changes to be made to individual work operations at any time and with flexibility—without restarting the entire route planning of service technicians. An additional important point in the Inicom specifications: The desired solution had to be intuitively accessible to every employee at any location.


Thanks to an earlier project with Coresystems and the previous software, Coresystems was already renowned as a provider of field service management solutions. With the latest version of the software, all processes and procedures are transparently displayed. All customer information and photos of work locations can be collated there and easily downloaded - central aspects of Coresystems FSM that quickly convinced Inicom.

Improved information management with a mobile solution

Since introducing the FSM solution, important operational processes run remotely at Inicom. Service reports, which previously had to be filled out by hand and uploaded onto the system, are now adjusted by mobile or tablet. The system also contains a checklist that the technician can consult during the operation. Additionally, commissioning is now easier for customers. With the new system, the order information is received by email and recorded by Inicom.

Easy planning

With the solution from Coresystems, the order is transfered via drag and drop into the schedule of individual technicians and can, if necessary, be replaced with another without additional effort. Thus, Inicom can operate with greater efficiency and complete customer orders in a significantly shorter time frame. The customer can be notified via text message when the service technician is on their way.

About Inicom

Field service operations, repair services and equipment rental are part of the range of services offered at Inicom Service GmbH. Nationwide order processing, operational planning, the hotline and service field work are all coordinated at the company location in Ilmensee, Germany. Every year, around 55 service technicians must be coordinated for more than 42'000 orders. The company also offers equipment rental and receives around 10'000 rental orders and 8'000 equipment repair orders, especially for piping system pressure units, which are self-installed at the location.

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