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Standardizing Processes at Kardex Remstar

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We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of our customer service calls.»



The Kardex Group of companies has branches and manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, America, and Asia and employs some 2200 people.


Kardex Remstar has fully integrated all Service Processes via Cloud avoiding unnecessary system transitions and paper reports.

Kardex Remstar has standardized its IT systems in order to make its business processes more efficient. The focus was on branch integration, company reporting, and the entire service process.

SAP-Based Branch Integration

Over the years, KARDEX has seen the establishment of various IT systems in the different national companies. In order to create a standardized business process platform around the world, Kardex Remstar has opted for an ERP strategy based on SAP products. While the larger branches were kitted out with SAP ERP, smaller branches are now working with SAP Business One.

Fully Integrated Service Processes via Cloud

The next item on the agenda was the optimization of the service division. One of the main aims was to accelerate the handling of service processes by reducing the time between engineer intervention and invoicing and avoiding unnecessary system transitions and paper reports. Kardex Remstar is geared towards innovative, future-oriented solutions, and as such has opted for a Cloud-based solution from Coresystems which also provided an ideal platform for Kardex Remstar’s future IT visions.

Technicians are issued with an iPhone equipped with the Coresystems Field Service Software and can now record their time and material expenses directly, as well as getting the customer to confirm their work on the device. Digital reports can then be emailed directly to the customer. In line with this project, a resource planner tailored to the mobile app of the Field Service Software has been developed together with Kardex Remstar and will be available from Coresystems as a standard product from fall 2012. The resource planner is based on Silverlight technology and represents the key component in customer service planning for Kardex Remstar. The solution is fully integrated into the existing ERP system and provides service technicians with orders and information.

Reliable Counting at Every Level

Standardization of the ERP data has enabled coresuite cube to be embedded for reliable reporting. As all the business activities of the entire Kardex Remstar division are now recorded in SAP ERP and SAP Business One, solid reports can be produced which form an ideal basis for decisions – not only for management, but also at a national level, and for individual sales staff.

About Kardex

The Kardex Group provides automated storage solutions and material flow systems. The group consists of the divisions of Kardex Remstar, Kardex Stow, and Kardex Mlog.

Kardex Remstar develops, produces, and distributes dynamic storage and provision systems, Kardex Stow produces static shelf systems, and Kardex Mlog integrated material flow systems and high-shelf warehouse systems. Kardex Remstar and Kardex Mlog also supply controllers, software solutions and services. The Kardex Group of companies has branches and manufacturing facilities throughout Europe, America, and Asia. Kardex employs some 2,200 people in more than 30 countries around the world. Kardex AG has been quoted on the Zurich stock exchange since 1987.

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