Increased level of efficiency and additional revenue

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The increased level of efficiency offered by automated field service processes means that technicians are spending 20-30 min. less at onsite appointments.


more leads

Lead generation has provided additional revenue streams thanks to an increase in sales of service contracts, customer training and consumable products.



More than 850 field service technicians serve over 50'000 customers in technology and repair centers and manufacturing plants across the globe.

Initial Situation

When Markem-Imaje implemented an SAP back-office solution in 2007, it also rolled out a web-based tool intended for laptops for its field service technicians. With around 850 technicians addressing customer issues across the globe, this was an effort to streamline operations and increase efficiency.

Lack of offline availability posed issues

However, this solution proved problematic. Because it was not accessible offline, it was unusable in many areas of the world. Instead of allowing for a transition to full automation, around 700 service technicians were forced to continue relying on paper copies. It became clear that a new solution with online and offline capabilities would be essential for achieving the goal of automating its processes.

A shift to real-time operations was crucial

With the speed of business operations accelerated to real-time, Markem-Imaje had to equip its technicians with the tools necessary to keep pace and remain a competitive player in a transitioning field services landscape. The company started looking for a solution that would ensure the kind of efficiency, accessibility, and compatibility it needed to maintain its strong market position.


Markem-Imaje researched a number of potential options. They had three aims in mind: more efficient technicians, additional revenue streams, and an improved customer experience. When the company discovered Coreystems, one of the most impressive features was a demonstrated compatibility with its own IT infrastructure. There are a number of solutions on the market, but one of the biggest hurdles is connecting these tools to the back-office. This did not pose a challenge to Coresystems field service management software.

Positive measurable results are clear

Since opting for Coresystems’ field service management solution, Markem-Imaje has noticed a number of remarkable improvements. Increased efficiency has reduced the duration of onsite service technician appointments by about 20 percent. This quicker resolution of issues has not only enhanced the customer experience with Markem-Imaje products, but also with its field services. That in turn has increased trust in the brand, and made customers more receptive to additional consumable products. In fact, there has also been a 60 percent increase in lead generation since technicians are able to recommend service contracts, upgraded models, and product training.

After 6 months, Markem-Imaje was convinced of the positive business impact that the Coresystems solution offered. The company is now in the process of rolling out to other areas of its global operations.

About Markem-Imaje

Markem-Imaje is a global marking and printing specialist and Dover Corporation company employing 3000 people worldwide. More than 800 of the company’s employees are field service technicians.

Over 50'000 customers in technology and repair centers and manufacturing plants across the globe rely on Markem-Imaje’s product identification and traceability solutions.

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