Simple and efficient planning for service calls.

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The Field Service Management system has made internal processes at MHI much faster and more straightforward.


Increased efficiency

The Checklist Designer allowed MHI to establish standards for service calls.


100% mobile means giving your technicians 100% access to needed data - online and offline.

Initial Situation

MHI builds packaging systems and ensures that they run smoothly. Planning and implementing service calls leads to a large volume of data: All customer information must be collected and assigned. Information management took place using Word and Excel - which caused serious restrictions in terms of transparency and completeness.

The existing infrastructure could not provide a solution

As the company required a more flexible solution to optimize service calls, MHI decided to use customized software. The intention was to take some of the burden away from the Service team, and support reporting. However, it was not possible to connect the software with the existing SAP system and the requirements for agile project planning were not met.

Condition monitoring requirement

MHI started to look for an integrated solution to simplify data management, streamline service processes and allow remote mapping of the services. Consistent display of service reports and processes was the goal. However, the system needed to be able to transfer the collected data to a superordinate ERP system, without the need for complicated interface programming. The condition monitoring approach also required the ability to map machine status, to allow early scheduling of potential service calls.


It did not take long for MHI to notice the Field Service Management (FSM) solution from Coresystems within the varied portfolio. The companies were already aware of one another, thanks to previous projects. The decision to go with Coresystems was not difficult to make. The ease of integration with SAP was an important factor. The FSM roll-out took place after a short test phase under live conditions.

MHI uses the Field Service Management solution from Coresystems to coordinate and control technician call appointments. The focus is on Knowledge Management - this allows the creation of checklists for job processing, which the technicians can access remotely by using the app. The app also allows working hours to be entered. The employees can also easily use pictures to document machine checks. This facilitates a smooth process for the service technician on the next call.

The simplification of processes allows us to get machines up and running much more quickly than before – and our customers are delighted. Alignment with customers is now much faster and easier, as we no longer require so many administrative steps.

Convincing Results

The introduction of the Coresystems Field Service Management solution was swiftly followed by some noticeable advances. MHI recorded improvements in corporate processes: The time required for a machine check was reduced from five to one or one-and-a-half days. This is a win-win situation for both MHI and customers, as service calls are now faster and cost less. The collection of all relevant data for quote creation has also become much more efficient. Previously, it took a whole day for MHI service employees to write a quote. It now takes just three to four hours to prepare a 50-page quote.

About MHI

MHI has been one of the leading manufacturers of machines for the corrugated paper processing industry for over 20 years. Customers include well-known packaging companies that have branch offices across Europe and enjoy an international reputation. The primary business area for the company concentrates on maintenance and servicing of extremely complex machines and systems. MHI also produces and optimizes spare and wear parts for the machines.

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