Vegetable Growers Supply (VGS)

Delivering Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Using Field Service Automation Software

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saving in hours

spent on administrative tasks


reduction in errors

generated by entering data into the ERP system.

corrugated cartons

VGS, based ind Salinas, California, distributes over 100 million corrugated cartons annually. 

In a fast changing environment VGS has constantly adapted to serve customers’ needs. In the past years, some of the industry moved from the packaging shed and mobile field units to salad and value added facilities. In order to grow its business in a competitive and constantly changing market, VGS decided it was time to automate and digitalize their field service. From the moment a field technician received an order, right down to when they invoiced a customer, VGS required a seamless integration of all business processes to maximize efficiency and meet customer expectations. A field service solution was needed to meet the changing needs of customers and increase customer satisfaction.

When choosing the right software, VGS was looking to:

  • bridge the gap between field service workers, the back office and SAP Business One;
  • increase work flow transparency from ordering to invoicing;
  • increase efficiency by facilitating the order process thereby reducing errors;
  • provide great customer service.

Together with Coresystems’ SAP partner, Vision33, VGS had already implemented Coresuite Country Package in order to modify its SAP environment without expensive programming. The implementation of the Country Package substantially improved customer service and laid the foundation for field service automation since Coresystems Field Service Software can be integrated with SAP Business One.

Providing Excellent Customer Service Using A Mobile Solution

With all the information stored in the cloud and accessible through a mobile application, VGS was able to optimize its internal processes, increase efficiency and productivity, thereby providing its customers with excellent service.

There are 29 people at VGS who are working in the field and completing a great number of orders every day. Before Coresystems Field Service Software, the office staff had to complete a lot of paperwork because orders had to be filed manually. Thanks to the new application and its integration into SAP Business One, field workers and office employees can easily work on the same systems whenever and wherever they are. Lisa Erling, CFO at VGS, explains:

Field staff now have a powerful tool at their fingertips. Money is being saved on hours worked; there is less human error and fewer customer service issues. It’s a whole new business.

Equipped with the mobile device of their choice, field workers can access business information, place orders right on the spot and invoice immediately. All information such as stock, prices and sales conditions is in their pocket. The transparency within the company has increased dramatically because office staff is now up to date on the latest orders.

Among the most significant improvements are:

  • 80% reduction in errors generated by entering data into the ERP system;
  • significant savings in hours spent on administrative tasks;
  • improvement of cash flow through quicker invoicing;
  • overall improvement of transparency within the business;
  • generation of new revenue;
  • happy customers.

Together with its strategic partners zedIT and Vision33, Coresystems helped VGS grow its business by facilitating the administrative process and providing excellent customer service. Employees have real-time SAP data with them at all times and are empowered and flexible while keeping a strong connection to the heart of the business. With an improved quality of its business, VGS is ready for the digital age.

About Vegetable Growers Supply (VGS)

Vegetable Growers Supply (VGS) is a dedicated provider of quality packaging products to the growers and shippers of fresh fruits and vegetables on the US West Coast. Founded in 1948 by 4 local residents, the company has built a reputation as a fast and reliable source for packaging supplies and materials. Today, VGS distributes over 100 million corrugated cartons annually. Based in Salinas, California, VGS already has seven locations.

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