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Cost-Aware Reports Thanks to Field Service Solution

«We had three different databases not talking to one another; there was no integration. Engineers were using handheld written sheets. We realized we needed to have a better solution.»
Steve Bray
Finance Manager

Xograph Healthcare is a company that sells, services, and maintains X-ray machinery for private healthcare companies, the British army, and the NHS. They needed to find a way to speed up their invoicing process and assess their total equipment costs.

Since they service equipment for its entire lifespan, which usually means about 10 years, they wanted to find a smarter way to do business and understand their costs. With 70 employees across head office, administration, and sales, including 26 technicians, they also needed a solution that could work across teams.

After looking at a number of different standalone service packages, Steve Bray, Finance Manager at Xograph Healthcare said, “They all had their quirks and things we quite liked and things we didn’t like. We narrowed it down to two systems, in the end. Microsoft Navision and Coresystems Field Service Software in conjunction with SAP Business One.”

Xograph Healthcare needed a solution that could be used company-wide and only by the service division. After going over their needs as a company with each supplier, they chose the SAP Business One ERP system that included the Coresystems Field Service Software add-on.

Out with the Old System, in with the New Automation

Before turning to Coresystems Field Service Solution to solve their invoicing and cost reporting process, Steve Bray says Xograph used a paper-based system that wasn’t quite fulfilling the company’s needs.

“Previously, we had a paper-based system. It crashed a lot, and it became very dated. It’d had its day,” said Bray. “We had three different databases not talking to one another; there was no integration. Engineers were using handheld written sheets. We realized we needed to have a better solution.”

Xograph technicians used to have to turn in handwritten paperwork for each service call before an invoice could be processed. Getting the paperwork back into the system was the biggest problem. Some engineers were great about getting paperwork back right away. Still, others had to be chased down, lost the paperwork, or simply didn’t turn it in for weeks on end. This dramatically delayed the invoicing process.

“We wanted a slicker, more modern way of doing things. This solution gave us that option,” said Bray. Speeding up the invoicing process and receiving quicker financial results were here the key reasons for implementing a field service automation solution.

Detailed Cost Reports For Smarter Business and Sales

“The benefits are that we can now figure out the costs [of servicing equipment]. So there are huge benefits [because of the billing wizard].”

In the old solution, there was no accounting package integrated so they did not have a build up of costs. “We wanted to be able to say in five years, how much have we spent on a particular piece of equipment? How many times have we bought parts? How many times have engineers been there, and how long did they spend there?” That way, Xograph could quote a competitive price, or know if they were under or over quoting. Having more accurate knowledge of costs was crucial for Xograph because it would be useful for the business as a whole, and especially the sales team.

Regarding choosing the Coresystems Field Service Application, Bray said, “From the demos, it was a good system, and a better system than the ones we saw.”

By using field service automation, Xograph Healthcare doesn’t have the cost of paying an extra person to do extra work. Employees are happy with the solution, because they don’t need to hand in any paperwork anymore and can directly transfer all information via Coresystems cloud and the mobile application installed on their mobile devices.


About Xograph

Xograph Healthcare is the leading independent medical equipment supplier to the UK and Ireland. The company has a 47-year track record in providing innovative medical imaging technology and services to hospitals, diagnostic centres, medical services and veterinary practices.

Xograph Healthcare’s range of medical imaging systems include general, fluoroscopic, surgical, mobile, extremity CT, mammographic and dental imaging equipment as well as the latest healthcare IT and direct digital imaging solutions.

Xograph Healthcare is based in Stonehouse, UK with offices in Dublin, Ireland and Stirling, Scotland.

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