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SAP Service Cloud takes its responsibility to safeguard security seriously. As such, we provide transparency about any security issues and make sure that everything is GDPR compliant. Our IaaS and PaaS infrastructure is secure and our security procedures and policies are strict and implemented across all aspects of the software.

Maintain Compliance with International Security Regulations.


Financial Risk

Potential fines for data security breaches as result of GDPR noncompliance will be up to €20 M or 4% of global annual revenue.


Reputation Risk

Not protecting your customers' data could seriously harm your reputation on the market.


Continuous monitoring and a 24/7 on-call team guarantee a fast incident resolution.

Field Service Software - Data Protection

Offer Customers the Max in Reliability and Security

As a field service provider, your business relies on access to massive amounts of data: both in the field and in the back office. It is essential to your success that everyone involved in end-to-end operations has access to this data. Thanks to the SAP Service Cloud solution with open API and TLS encryption, everyone with the proper authorization can quickly and safely review important customer, company, and product information. Anytime and anywhere. Thanks to continuous systems monitoring and a 24/7 on-call team, incident resolution is always quick.

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SAP Field Service Management offers you:

  • a seamless connection to SAP B1, SAP ECC, Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, Oracle, abas ERP and ProAlpha.
  • an easy API connection to any other ERP and CRM tool
  • complete security of all business data and communications thanks to TLS encryption between the API client and API server
  • 2-factor authentication: password + defined hardware e.g. specific mobile phone
  • security groups and IP tables (firewall) in place on each server
  • strict logical separation of customers data on our multi-tenancy architecture


  • encapsulated cluster network design with only one single ingress point
  • continuous control of secure infrastructure, identity, apps and data
  • automated time-out if application is not used to avoid unauthorized access
  • Cloud security with AWS, hosted in Europe and USA
  • mobile encryption
  • federated identity
  • backup/disaster recovery plan
Field Service Software - Security Procedures

Security Procedures

Security is not only a technical matter. The weakest link is often undefined procedures and incomplete policies. SAP Field Service Management helps you implement the best procedures to ensure security while simultaneously giving you the freedom to build your own procedures and set regulations based on your company policies.

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SAP Field Service Management lets you:

  • restrict and control access
  • define procedures and policies (e.g. BYOD policies, onboarding, outboarding procedures)
  • adjust procedures in policies to internal compliance regulations
Field Service Software - Personal Data GDPR

Protecting Personal Data

SAP Service Cloud considers data protection and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance a top priority. Our software helps our customers ensure that their customers’ data is protected in accordance with legal security standards and that all security policies are in place.

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  • Data is stored encrypted at the customer’s preferred location 
  • Only privileged accounts can access data, which is stored fully encrypted
  • Data is classified into 4 types and protected accordingly: RESTRICTED, CONFIDENTIAL, INTERNAL, PUBLIC 
  • Data cockpit for DPO (Data Protection Officer): "Right to be forgotten"
  • Website to provide info about DPO and data processing to end-customers via privacy policy
  • Overview of customer consent with consent management feature

All-in-one Field Service Software for your entire team.
Make it a core moment.

Crowd Service

Coresystems has pioneered "Crowd Service" – which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find available field service technicians in real-time.

Field Service Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Delivering exceptional service is tougher today than it's ever been. With analytics you can make your service more efficient, effective, and more closely aligned with your customers' needs.

Customer Self-Service

Coresystems Now Self-Service Portal is a knowledge base and customer portal all in one. With the easy-to-use code scanner function, your customers can quickly access product or equipment information or initiate service calls in a more efficient manner.

Field Service Knowledge Management

Customer satisfaction begins with employee expertise. With Knowledge Management, you can ensure that your employees have the insight and information necessary to deliver high-quality service in any situation.

Work Order Management Software

Great service means being in the right place at the right time. With Workforce Management Material you can link parts to warehouses in real-time, so your field service technicians have a better chance of getting it right the first time. You can also track service vehicles for improved resource management and response times.

Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software

Great field service no longer revolves around reacting to a failure. With our intuitive technology and enhanced processes, you can proactively manage field resources, and be better prepared to resolve your customer issues in advance of failures.

Mobile Field Service Management Software & App

Customers demand a level of service which is difficult to execute in paper form. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which organizations operate in the field in this age of the empowered customer.

Integrations and Cloud

Coresystems is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS application, yet offers seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications. Best of all, our ecosystem comes ready for 3rd party integrations with our powerful API.

Security and GDPR

Understanding security, GDPR and personal data definition is critical for business compliance. Coresystems will take any action necessary to ensure that we handle customer data in compliance with applicable law.

We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of customer service calls.
Andreas Heinz, Head of IT

Perfect field service moments
are core moments.

Best-in-class companies have transformed their service organization by focusing on the customer. Coresystems helps you to make every part of your service process more human and efficient - from first contact to happy customer and beyond.

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