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Every organization in the world understands how important high-quality technological service is, so why is it that so many technology teams are failing to deliver? We are here to help!

Coresystems is a key innovator and a leading provider of field service software and mobile workforce management that works for organizations of all sizes and for field service businesses in any industry.

ERP, CRM, and the Field – Navigating through them the Right Way

The technological infrastructure of an organization can either make or break its success. If the infrastructure is unorganized and disconnected, then it won’t provide nearly enough value to justify its cost; this is the unfortunate reality for many different organizations that fail to invest in technological service that they can actually depend on.

When it comes to the effectiveness of ERP and CRM, communication is key. If the communication between these systems are fluid, then all of the functions they facilitate can work in-tandem. On the other hand, if the flow of communication is disjointed and broken, then the necessary functions of ERP and CRM are forced to operate independently; it’s safe to say that few, if any organizations, can afford to have this kind of technological choppiness in their system on a daily basis.

If you’re faced with the unenviable challenge of accounting for a poorly-communicating ERP and CRM, then the upfront cost will only be the first of your worries. Even after paying the upfront cost, you will likely have to invest in repairs to every single facet of the system that needs to synchronize; naturally, there are many other things that you’d rather devote your time and money to.

Any time that there’s a series of repeated hiccups in transactions, or excessive downtime, sales should know about it immediately. When there’s a defect in your product that’s causing repeated field failures, the inventory team should know right away. If a service contract is on the verge of expiration, then every service technician onboard should know exactly what’s going on before it’s too late.

With a fully integrated and synchronized point of reference shared by every different team in the organization, all issues and speed bumps can be accounted for with maximum response speed. Not only will your business run more smoothly, but your customers will have a more positive experience in the meantime as well. With a single integrated view, everyone who needs to know anything will know everything that they need to know, exactly when they need to know it.

CRM Integration

Chances are that your organization, much like the majority of others, has the power of Salesforce at the heart of it success. No matter what your niche is, the proper storage of customer information and interactions is important beyond measure. It’s quite concerning that in spite of the extreme important of accurate customer storage, many businesses are still entering their data manually and far later than they should.

While some organizations may find it easy to ignore the lag in appropriate data entry time at first, the consequences eventually become impossible to ignore; outstanding days, lost upsells, and unnecessary overhead work for the back office and mobile workers can all occur at the same time because of late data entry habits.

With Coresystems’ CRM Integration service, the gap between the back office and field can be bridged effortlessly. All of the viral job data, item costs, asset information, photos, and other vital data can be transferred into your CRM in the blink of any eye.

Coresystems prides itself on being capable of completely eliminating your tedious paperwork (and all other annoying errors) that most service companies have resigned to enduring as “part of the package; with CRM’s open API and direct integration with Salesforce, you’ll never have to settle for unacceptable.

Deliver Service on Time with an Integrated Technology Infrastructure

In a recent study, Aberdeen Group explored the challenges associated with the current technology landscape for service organizations and manufacturers. Underperforming organizations found that having an integrated view of customer, asset, and parts data was elusive. Individual teams within the organization all had their own understanding of data and couldn’t work together to provide value to customers or execute issue resolution efficiently.

Download your Aberdeen Checklist here.

3 Key Benefits Integrating Field Service Software Into Your CRM

1. Real-time field insight for the back-office

Real-time field insight for the back-office The insight that a technician to get from customer interactions is just as important as the work they perform on the product itself. 67% of companies never go past the bare minimums in customer data storage and service accessibility, but with CRM integration, your organization can be part of the 36% that go above and beyond. Delayed insight leads to slowed reaction time, but instant insight means better customer relations and asset performance.

2. Better serviceability, better asset performance

Better serviceability, better asset performance Thanks to the connections made between service data and product lifecycle data made possible through our CRM integration, your organization’s products can be evolved and innovated further with enhanced engineering. After the current issue has been remedied, you can ensure that all future products will be just as quickly-serviced. 

3. Enhanced insight into interactions and asset performance

Enhanced insight into interactions and asset performance With this real-time intelligence, you can ensure a two-way channel of reference between the field and your integrated technology engine. The interactions between all teams can be sharpened by giving everyone the opportunity to draw valuable information about cross-sell/upsell opportunities, proactive renewals, and any other custom offerings.

The Coresystems Open Platform
Best-of-breed for every need

With our open platform approach, the process of Coresystems integration into your ERP, CRM, and all other business systems is made as simple and stress-free as possible. No matter what your needs are, you can use “best of the breed” applications with no problems. Your service chain will be fully optimized, you’ll make more sales, and most importantly, your customers will be much happier.

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