Crowd Service
Meeting Real-time Service Expectations

It’s a known fact: we have transformed the way we work, the way we shop, the way we consume,
and above all, the way we live. Everything has become faster, more connected, and we now expect immediate results.

The economy that drives it all is undergoing a complete transformation. The tools and machinery
we depend on have joined us on the internet. But every Internet of Things-connected device requires
ongoing service and maintenance, making field service management an integral part of the IoT.


Here lies the crux: customers expect service in real-time – that is, on-demand and “right this minute” now.
96% of surveyed executives say that Field Service is crucial for their businesses, for customer relationships, and for revenue.
But if your service sucks and your customers are disappointed, they will go elsewhere.


And let’s face it: you can’t keep pace with the growing customer demand.
Trying to play catch up will drive you out of business.
Companies need to evolve from being product-based to being service-based – or risk becoming obsolete.

You are on the threshold of the next big thing, the new technological wave.


After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Today with the pervasiveness
of IoT and the growing customer demand for real-time service, the weakest link is the availability of
field service technicians to act in real-time when and where maintenance is needed – thereby avoiding
the dreaded money pit that system downtimes represent.

Only Crowd Service can deliver in real-time.


With Coresystems Crowd Service, companies can find additional technician manpower in real-time in their
ecosystems within a group, subsidiaries, partners, or freelancer. With your on-demand service crowd, you can meet your
customers’ skyrocketing expectations. Empower your ecosystem today!


Coresystems has pioneered “crowd service” – which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform
to find available field service technicians in real-time.
Coresystems is headquartered in Switzerland with international offices in
San Francisco, Miami, Berlin, Freiburg, Shanghai, São Paulo and London.

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