Proximity to Customers Leads to
Better Service Quality and Fewer Calls

With our easy-to-use code scanner self-service portal, your customers can initiate service calls in a more efficient manner. By downloading your very own branded app onto their smartphones or tablets, all your clients need to do is scan a QR code (or other unique identifier – RFID, NFC, BLE, iBeacon, etc.) on their equipment to automatically alert you to their requirements. No need for waiting in phone queues, or to email department stores – just scan and go. It really is as easy as that.

Taking field service automation to a whole new level.

Customized for your Company

The app and the platform on which your customers will post a service request will all be branded with your corporate identity. It’s your business, so it’s your layout, your colors, and your logo.

Fewer Service Calls

Creating a customer schedule for service calls has never been easier. The time your office staff spend on the phone is significantly reduced, freeing them up to attend to more pressing business needs.

Customer Freedom

Your customers have round-the-clock access to the platform, enabling them to make a customer service request at anytime and from anywhere.

Your Customer Self Service Portal
Open for Business 24/7

Our Customer Self Service Portal allows your customers to quickly and easily request work and view service call details using a platform tailored to suit your business needs. By using a code scanner, or entering a website, your customers will be directed to your branded platform. Here, they can request a service, access product information, and locate the closest store—even after hours.


Easy Customer Self-Service
Better Customer Service

How much time does your office staff spend on the phone accepting service requests, updating customers with job status, or responding to their requests for work history? By removing the middleman, customers can request service and view service details directly, dramatically reducing the time spent by office staff responding to inquiries.

The portal is configured to meet your specific needs and branded for your company. You can even tailor service request questions and automated responses around the unique needs of your business and its customers.

Transparent Service
Wow Your Customer

Receive new service requests without tying up precious company resources. With the Coresystems Self Service Portal, customers can request service and view service details online or through the mobile app. Using the portal, customers can simply request service and select a service date and time from a dropdown list automatically updated based on availability. This ensures that your engineers arrive at the job when it suits your customers. Additionally, the Self Service Portal offers comprehensive status control that updates in real-time.


Good Customer Relationship
With ETA and Notifications

With the Coresystems Self Service Portal, your customers can receive text messages that contain the technician’s estimated time of arrival (ETA) and contact information, ensuring that your technicians are able to successfully complete more service calls each day. These ETA notifications can dramatically reduce the number of failed service attempts, thereby increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

As Coresystems Field Service Management is an open platform, it can be integrated with a host of third-party tools (including Twilio, Waze, and others) for enhanced communication with customers.

«We want to offer our clients an attractive and innovative customer service and we are convinced that this will enhance our customer loyalty.»

Mario Klaus,
Head of Marketing/PM/After Sales

Perfect field service moments are core moments.
Make it a core moment.

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