Development Partnership Program
Your ERP and our cloud

Connect Your ERP to Our Cloud

Do you want to build your own intellectual property and integrate an ERP system that we currently haven’t connected yet to our cloud mobility solution? In this case, our Development Partnership Program will fit your needs. During this program, you will learn how to create your own connector, which we will then actively promote on our reseller network.

Learn more about our Development Partnership Program and its benefits in the following section.


Integrate your existing customer base to your own connector and resell your connector software to new customers:

  • Resell your connector through our partner network;
  • Participate in every subscription revenue using your connector;
  • Connect your own customer base.
Training & Integration Support

After joining the Coresystems Development Partner Program, you will benefit from regular trainings. And our competent team will assist you with integration.

  • Build your own ERP connector to our cloud;
  • FREE Coresystems Academy training through our online training platform;
  • FREE access to Help Center Knowledge Database;
  • Access to developer support;
  • Fully documented REST API;
  • Ongoing technical training.

Our marketing team is here to assist you in reaching your goals. You benefit from:

  • Development partner logo;
  • Social media announcements about new integration of ERP systems;
  • Regular updates on development roadmaps;
  • Case study opportunities;
  • Invitations to Coresystems marketing, training, and networking events.

Development partners receive leads that require the specific ERP connector directly from Coresystems or from our resellers. Coresystems actively recommends your integration to the market.

  • Raise the profile of your services business;
  • Offer additional services around the product;
  • Drive incremental revenue;
  • Participate in Coresystems developer community.

Build and Resell Your Own Cloud ERP Connector Today

As a development partner, you can increase your profitability by simply connecting your customers or our resellers’ customers to a specific ERP system. Open up the field service world to your ERP System.

Contact our Channel team and we will make sure you become a business partner in no time.

Contact us to learn more about the Partner program