Real-Time Data and Smarter Analytics
Next Generation Service Leadership

It’s vital that your business provides an unrivaled field service solution if it’s to remain competitive. The Coresystems analytics dashboard allows you to track KPIs visually, so that managers can see at a glance how departments, teams and employees are performing. The user-friendly reports allow managers to achieve goals thanks to the ability to plan more effectively, optimize efficiency and create appropriate SLAs. 

Grow your field service business effectively through customer analysis.

Integrated Analytics
Integrated Analytics

Integrated in-depth insights enable you to make better, more informed business decisions. Improve your operations through analytics using our simple dashboard.

Revenue Reporting
Revenue Reporting

Discover the KPIs of your field service operations using our reporting tools to find out which activities create the most revenue – all on your mobile device or web browser.

Unlimited API
Unlimited API

In addition to our standard reports, you can also customize your own reports and enjoy full access to all of your data at all times.

Real-Time Visibility Into
Your Field Service Operations

In today’s fast-paced, competitive field service market, the line between success and failure can be as fine as a single well-timed report. Having the right data at the right time is critical for business intelligence, and can help your business perform at a level that “gut instinct” alone can’t reach.

With Analytics & Reporting, you can keep your customers, vendors, and employees happy by identifying and understanding the challenges your business faces before they become problems, and the patterns that may become new opportunities.

Coresystems provides both standard and customized reports and dashboards, enabling your company to quickly determine the performance of specific processes, personnel, and products. By aggregating data from the field, your business can measure the key performance indicators that distinguish and drive your business. These dashboards can be tailored to provide at-a-glance insight for any department or leadership team.

Field Service Analytics Reporting Dashboard
Field Service Analytics, Reporting, Report output

Business Intelligence Is
More Than Static Reports

Field service operations require real-time intelligence in order to understand the challenges they face, and the solutions those challenges require. To succeed, field service operations must make better-informed operational decisions that improve productivity and services, while reducing operating costs.

Coresystems mobile business intelligence software quickly aggregates all business-related data into a single data hub that can be leveraged using a graphically-enhanced, intuitive user interface. This business intelligence software provides a 360-degree view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time that is accessible from both desktop and mobile in the form of dynamic dashboards and reports.

Customize Reports With
Drag and Drop Designer

Configure and create reports using drag-and-drop functionality for virtually any type of functional entity, from work orders, to skills, to parts movement, and beyond. With Coresystems Analytics & Reporting, you can customize dashboards to contain any number of charts in any number of formats, including Excel, CSV, and PDF. Reports can be embedded in any Coresystems Field Service application screen for ease of use and reference.

Field Service Drag and Drop Report Designer
Field Service Invoice Preview on iPad

Powerful End-to-End
Cloud Printing Engine

Business intelligence shouldn’t remain in the back office alone. Using Ad Hoc Cloud Printing Reporting, field technicians can aggregate multiple performance, revenue, and utilization factors and inventory levels into a single report. These field service reports are essential for your business to reach its full potential and become as competitive and profitable as possible.

«Coresystems has opened up a whole new level of visibility, analysis, customization, and mobility to our business.»

Hillel Sackstein,
Virtual Graffitti Inc.

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