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Field Service Software

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Too often, field technicians are viewed as remote worker who turn a wrench and do not drive value. This is a complete misjudgment. Technicians work with customers on a nearly daily basis, and no one has such a big opportunity to positively impact their service experience. Coresystems gives you the tools for changing this perception and empowering the field workforce team to deliver high value in the customer relationship.

Field Service Software for Field Technicians

On a day-to-day basis, the field engineer is the company representative the customer will get to know best. But field engineers are often sent into the field inadequately equipped to meet, let alone exceed, customer expectations. In today's ultra-competitive marketplace, the field technician is expected to arrive armed with updated information regarding equipment history, repair needs and required forms and parts. When this doesn't occur, customer satisfaction ratings plunge.

Thankfully, the powerful Coresystems Field Service Management Software gives field engineers the tools they need to excel at their jobs. A single application offers both historical and real-time customer data, which means that by the time the engineer arrives at the work site, they are already ready to dig right in and get to work making repairs and meeting (even exceeding) sales goals and quotas.

In this way, each field service technician is empowered to take ownership of their critical role in the company's success at a whole new level. Technicians become the "face" of the company in a tangible, daily way, and that face is one of competence, efficiency and cutting edge technology.

The new Google Material design interface of Coresystems automated Field Service Software minimizes technician training time. Technicians can access schedules, service routes and directions in a few clicks. All critical information (customer requests, equipment history, et al) is at the technician's fingertips well before arriving on the job site. 

And best of all, there is no more cumbersome paperwork! With e-forms and checklists, technicians can invoice the customer on the spot and then upload their reports and submit time and expenses before leaving for their next appointment. What this increased functionality adds up to is skyrocketing customer satisfaction ratings, repeat orders and increased customer loyalty.

The Evolution of Mobile: Future Success Will Come in the Field
Field Service Technicians

"Mobility is not a magic bullet. However, when technicians have realtime insights into the customer and the equipment they are sent out to service, they will be able to have more informed conversations with customers, and ensure that they fix the issue at hand on the first visit."

Aly Pinder Jr., Senior Research Analyst, Service Management; Aberdeen Group

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Field Technicians

Coresystems not only makes your job much easier to deliver awesome service to your customers. Less stressful days, and a happier work environment make the service chain more productive.

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