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An Innovative Field Service Solution
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Customers determine the success and viability of business more so than ever. Furthermore, they demand high levels of service for each dollar they spend with an organization. This has led service organizations to search for innovative ways to link improved customer satisfaction with service revenue streams.
Field Service Software for Management

In today's ultra-competitive global marketplace, the customer is definitely in charge. Customers who don't feel heard and valued by one organization will quickly jump ship to do business with a competitor. The increasing pressure to exceed customer expectations has driven companies to add ever more value for each dollar spent.

The average delivery truck racks up a $400+ bill just by backing out of the lot. It falls to a company's operations manager to ensure the company receives maximum return on its investment. In turn, operations management requires high performance tools to help them achieve these goals. A typical day in operations management includes ensuring compliance with all safety regulations, tracking expenses and revenue and continually measuring customer satisfaction levels, all while coordinating with essential field personnel to ensure each shipment arrives on time and as ordered.

Thankfully, a new breed of Coresystems Field Service Management Software is automating many of the time-consuming manual processes associated with customer service of days past. Operations managers can oversee multiple jobs in real time and equip field personnel with up-to-date information to complete repairs quickly. This boosts first-time fix rates and, consequently, customer satisfaction ratings.

Our field service software also tracks employee performance, highlighting field engineers that excel as well as those who may need extra training or support. Analytical data also shows product line performance and how industry trends may shape future needs.

With these tools at close hand, operations managers and company executives have all the data required to maximize profitability and reduce expenses on a daily basis. This adds up to less stress, greater success and, ultimately, a better business model to build on.

Checklist: Transform your Company to achieve Service Profitability
Checklist: Transform your Company to achieve Service Profitability

  • Service is not a function of one team or one division. Build a culture of service; the entire organization should live it.
  • Learn from your customers. Todays economy is customer-driven. Establish feedback loops to gather data and improve products and service.
  • Measure and benchmark the performance of the service team. Track excellence (customer satisfaction and actual field tasks), eliminate short-comings, and find potential opportunities for innovation.
  • Find out what motivates your service team. Link what matters to them with the operational metrics of the organization. Celebrate their core moments and learn from them.
  • Train your sales reps on the value of service. Service is not given away for free.

Core Moments
for Management

Understand and meet customer expectations, transactions, behavior, and identify lacks and opportunities in your product and service operations to grow your business.

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