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Field Service for Building & Construction Equipment Industry

One of the issues facing the Building & Construction Equipment Industry is keeping track of the large number of players involved: from site workers to contractors to suppliers and more. In addition, projects are long-term and require extensive management. This makes overview and visibility fundamental for assigning your workforce where needed. The SAP Field Service Management solution facilitates the scheduling of tasks within your multi-operational team to help you avoid penalties for late deliverables and installations. The increased connectivity of the field service software also makes it easier to update data in real-time and transfer knowledge between all team members. Finally, SAP Field Service Management helps you monitor your EHS obligations and goals so you can be sure to reach your safety targets.

Wolffkran’s unique system offers the right solution for any lifting and conveying application, from the earth to the heavens and anywhere in between.


4 Challenges in Field Service for Building & Construction Equipment Industry

(1) Inspections and certifications 

Building sites often face regular inspections from state and government representatives to monitor their activities and any adverse effects on EHS. Checklists are an effective tool for interacting with these representatives and communicating project activities and aims.

(2) Meeting staffing demands

Staffing a long term construction project necessitates extensive juggling of workforce assets. Building and construction managers need a simple way to delegate service orders and keep track of available labor.

(3) Managing large scale projects

Long-term projects require long-term scheduling. This means the building and construction sector needs to maintain a comprehensive overview of the entire lifecycle of a project. This not only includes the workforce, but also supplies, resources, regulations, and more.

(4) Tracking and reducing expenses

Any number of contractors, suppliers, and workers can be consolidated into one building and construction project. This makes it difficult to keep track of expenses to determine where it might be possible to streamline operations and reduce costs.

Quick wins using SAP Field Service Management Software

Talk to our industry experts! We are excited to learn more about you and the challenges and needs of your business. Here are some of the quick wins we can achieve together:

  • fast implementation
  • intuitive interfaces reduce the need for training
  • optimal planning of resources
  • many languages available
  • online and offline capability
  • immediate data transfer via Cloud
  • prompt invoicing
  • Record and keep track of expenses
  • reports for decision making
  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • cost savings
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