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Asset intensive organizations, like those in the Energy & Utilities sector, have their own industry specific challenges when it comes to managing their asset's lifecycles.

Business leaders in this industry turn to three areas to transform their business - Risk Management, Operational Excellence, and Innovation. This happens to transition from paper-based field service processes to mobile tools that provide real-time insights, access to a wide breadth of data, and connections to collaborative channels.

It’s a long way from generating power to guaranteeing a reliable energy supply. Your company is part of this process chain. In addition to following business procedures, you and your company also need to comply with laws and guidelines.

Oil rigs, wind turbines or power plants: they all need to be maintained on a regular basis. This means that your field service workforce is distributed across all five continents. Often, they work under extreme conditions and face dust, heat, wind and ice, confined spaces or working underground. The customer service solutions from Coresystems are tailored to the specific needs of these field service teams. This is why we have developed a neat, easy-to-use app that can be adapted to your company’s processes and which is available online and offline. The app is tightly integrated with the Cloud and your ERP system to ensure that all data is available instantly.

The fact that a digital service solution will help you save time and money is common knowledge. However, there are many other advantages that often only emerge once the solution is in use.

„We knew that with a mobile solution we would be able to save time. But only the tests have shown just how much faster our field service technicians actually are. We also discovered further advantages of the solution, which we were not aware of before. For example, there are internal documents, such as maintenance instructions, that are confidential. Thanks to the access code, we can protect these documents efficiently,“ says Gert-Jan den Boer, Coresystems customer and IT Manager Global Projects at GE Alstom (Switzerland).

With our solutions, you can plan the assignments for your field service technicians perfectly. Furthermore, you can improve the collaboration between your teams and impress your customers with instant maintenance reports and digital sign-off.

The Road for Manufacturers Goes Through Service

"Mobile workers in industries such as telecommunications and utilities need to have continuous access to information regardless of their connection to a network."

Aly Pinder Jr., Senior Research Analyst, Service Management; Aberdeen Group

Perfect field service moments are core moments.
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