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Field Service for High Tech & Telecom

The High Tech & Telecom industry has continued along a path of rapid change since the creation of the first telephone. This level of flux has kept it a highly competitive market. As such, it is essential that the entire chain of field services remain lean and efficient. The Coresystems’ solution facilitates this aim by optimizing location tracking, integrating a remote support feature to improve the first-time-fix rate, and offering diagnostics tools to measure progress and customer satisfaction. In addition, automated scheduling makes it easy to accommodate emergency and urgent repairs, assign tasks based on service technician skills, and implement a Crowd service solution to connect easily to subcontractors, partners and freelancers. This level of high-quality service creates an unparalleled customer experience.

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecom provider. Using the power of their customers and small business partners, Swisscom partnered with online platform Mila – a Coresystems spin-off – to offer on-demand crowd-sourced support. 


4 challenges in Field Service of High Tech & Telecom Industry

(1) Increasing customer demand

The rapid shifts in high tech and telecoms has also led to a variety of new parallel services. This has in turn made customers more savvy and demanding when it comes to what they want and expect from a service.

(2) Complexity of tasks

The diversity of services makes work orders far more complex. This makes it all the more important to optimize assignments and assign the best service technician with the right skill set to each service request.

(3) Competition

There are more and more telecommunications providers offering similar services. It is essential for these companies to distinguish themselves from one another. One of the easiest ways to do this is through field service offers.

(4) Optimizing route and work orders

Though a large percentage of high tech & telecoms work revolves around planned installation and maintenance, there is an occasional need for urgent repairs. In these situations, the entire schedule can be disrupted in order to optimize the redistribution of skills and available resources.

Quick Wins with Coresystems Field Service Software

Talk to our industry experts! We are excited to learn more about you and the challenges and needs of your business. Here are some of the quick wins we can achieve together:

  • fast implementation
  • intuitive interfaces reduce the need for training
  • optimal planning of resources worldwide
  • many languages available
  • online and offline capability
  • immediate data transfer via Cloud
  • prompt invoicing
  • reports for decision making
  • decrease in machine outages
  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • cost savings

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