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Field Service for HVAC Industry

One of the greatest concerns in the HVAC industry is customer satisfaction. There is enough competition for customers to choose a rival company if one provider can not satisfy their needs and demands. This means HVAC companies are mainly focused on providing the best customer experience.

With SAP Service Cloud it is easy to distinguish yourself from the competition. Our FSM solution allows for automated and intelligent scheduling, dispatching and tracking of technicians. This means real-time updates on status and arrival times for customers and the back office.

Thanks to easy integration with ERP and CRM systems, you can also provide customer quotations for services, provide immediate invoicing, track performance by monitoring customer feedback and repair times, stay on top of and proactively renew SLAs, and complete reports.

As preventive maintenance becomes more and more common in cooling and heating systems and refrigeration devices, there will also be greater need for a large workforce to meet service demands.

SAP Crowd Service solution facilitates the management of your in-house technicians, subcontractors, partners, and freelance specialists.

Inicom Service GmbH Field offers service operations, repair services and equipment rental. Since implementing SAP Field Service Management Inicom can clearly respond better to increasing customer demands and has significantly increased transparency:


4 Challenges in Field Services of the HAVC and Sanitary Industry

(1) Adjusting for costs and earnings

The steep competition in the HVAC industry makes it difficult to adjust pricing to increase earnings. This means HVAC companies need to find ways to adjust expenses.

(2) Selling outcomes

Customers are less interested in purchasing a device and more interested in purchasing an outcome. They want to buy comfort, not air-conditioners and heaters. This will make the integration of IoT and artificial intelligence a necessary next step. And the more devices involved, the greater the need for predictive maintenance to avert unexpected downtimes.

(3) Safety and regulation

The HVAC industry has a unique set of regulatory requirements it must comply with depending on the application of its devices. For example, the food industry sets stringent standards on refrigeration devices. These safety procedures must be carefully monitored.

(4) Inventory costs

HVAC equipment has countless spare parts, some that are more frequently in need of repair or replacement than others. Service providers must employ an intelligent and comprehensive system for analyzing the use of parts to reduce unnecessarily high inventory stocking costs.

Quick wins using SAP Field Service Management

Talk to our industry experts! We are excited to learn more about you and the challenges and needs of your business. Here are some of the quick wins we can achieve together:

  • fast implementation
  • intuitive interfaces reduce the need for training
  • optimal planning of resources 
  • integrate the work order feature into your ERP and get a seamless interface with your inventory
  • many languages available
  • implement your EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) strategy and improve awareness and identify risks on site
  • online and offline capability
  • immediate data transfer via Cloud
  • prompt invoicing
  • Record and keep track of expenses
  • reports for decision making
  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • cost savings

 White Paper Automating Field Service Projects 

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