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Transform Service Into
A Value-Added Service

Building the most innovative product or asset is no longer good enough to differentiate a manufacturer anymore. Empowered customers, commoditized products, and competition have made it imperative that manufacturers evolve their businesses to establish service as a key value driver for customers. Best-in-Class firms have established value-added service and show the path for manufacturers.

Field Service in Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Industry

Depending on what machines you engineer and produce, your customers might use them to increase the milk production of their cows, to erect impressive buildings or to make sure that the right screw is available when needed. In any case, your machine is an essential link in your customer’s process chain. As the manufacturer, you are responsible that all your machines, all across the globe, are always ready and working. This is why first-rate customer service is of utmost importance to you.

At Coresystems, we understand your challenges. Thanks to our solution, your field service technicians can complete their tasks at the customer’s site more efficiently. In addition, our solution allows them to record data and send it directly to your ERP system. You can then run reports on this data and identify opportunities to optimize the maintenance intervals for your machines. And this, in turn, enables you to prevent outages. The data can also be aggregated across all your customers to provide valuable real-world feedback to product development. 

„Currently, we are in the process of creating a digital history for each individual crane. This history contains all the information on that crane – from its production to its scrapping. We are convinced that the mobile service solution from Coresystems will play a great part in helping us achieve this,“ says Andreas Berg, CIO at Wolffkran.

Time is money – especially when your service workforce is distributed across the globe. Thanks to our customer service solutions, planning and coordinating service assignments is easy. And as soon as an order has been completed and the relevant data has been transmitted, you can start invoicing.

„We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of our customer service calls,“ confirms Andreas Heinz, Coresystems customer and Head of IT at Kardex Remstar.



The Road for Manufacturers Goes Through Service

"Manufacturers are at a crossroads. The product or asset is no longer providing the value to the customer relationship that it has in the past ... the opportunity for future growth will come from services."

Aly Pinder Jr., Senior Research Analyst, Service Management; Aberdeen Group

Quick Wins

  • get a tailored solution
  • fast implementation
  • intuitive interfaces reduce the need for training
  • optimal planning of resources worldwide
  • many languages available
  • online and offline capability
  • immediate data transfer via Cloud
  • prompt invoicing
  • reports for decision making
  • decrease in machine outages
  • increase in customer satisfaction
  • cost savings

Perfect field service moments are core moments.
Make it a core moment.

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