The Mobile Technician
Connect the Field to Customers, Peers, and the Rest of your Company

Seamlessly integrate your back office ERM, CRM or accounting applications with your field engineers' mobile device using our native app for iOS and Android. Features include access to all client information, opportunities, accounts, service cases, workflow checklists and more. Cut out unnecessary time by working in real time, and allow your business to flourish.

Everything your field agents could ever need to provide the very best in customer service, all through their familiar mobile device.

Task Overview

Check the status of any job with just a tap of the screen, including current, future or even completed tasks.

Operational Efficiency

Enjoy a higher rate of customer satisfaction through improved, more efficient business and work processes.

On and Offline

Coresystems’ mobile field service app allows you to work both online and off, ensuring that your technicians are always kept fully in the loop.

Mobile Field Service Solutions
Designed for Success in Service

Mobility has become a part of our everyday lives. This is why Coresystems, as a key field service innovator, has recognized its potential to be a strategic technology tool for field service organizations. Equipping your field service team with the newest mobile device is only the beginning.

Customer satisfaction is the #1 metric used to determine whether your service is successful. So Coresystems developed a field service mobile app that creates a great user experience that satisfies customers and also field service employees. First and foremost, we kept the user in mind when building the field service app software on Google Material Design, so that there would be little-to-no learning curve for our end-users. 

Mobile Field Service Solutions
Mobile Field Service App with best User Experience

Improve Service for the Customer
And Raise Employee Satisfaction

Mobility based on devices alone will not create operational efficiency just because devices are deployed. Mobile devices are not a magic, quick-fix solution all on their own. However, when using Coresystems field service mobile app, your team can leverage mobile to keep technicians updated and informed using shareable data the whole team can see, while managers can view real-time information including resource locations and field service performance.

With field service mobility, the paper-based method of completing service calls disappears into the past. Technicians have all the information they need on the field service mobile app to meet SLAs and achieve first-time fixes, making their jobs more satisfying.

Best Service Performance
Regardless of Connectivity

Although Wi-Fi connections come and go, it’s critical that service technicians stay connected and complete the service the customer requested. Field service mobile apps work best when technicians have access to service tools and information whenever they need them, no matter the connection. This is why, years ago, Coresystems pioneered Offline Synchronization capabilities. With our field service app, productivity is easy thanks to technicians’ easy access to the data they need to complete a work order in its entirety; utilizing everything from looking up materials, complete data entry, capturing signatures, and creating service reports.

Once the field service tech can connect to the Internet, the information entered while offline can be submitted to the back office ERP or CRM system, with one click. With our field service app, service performance isn’t affected because of connectivity limitations, making both customers and engineers happier.

Mobile Field Service Offline
Mobile in Field Payment with SumUp

Chip, Magstripe or NFC
Get Paid in Real Time

Getting paid quickly is possible with mobile payments. The Coresystems field service app lets technicians generate invoices or work orders and then collect payment on site. Coresystems has partnered with SumUp, the #1 EMV terminal in Europe, to accept chip and magstripe cards in addition to contactless NFC payments.

The US credit and debit card payment system is rapidly transforming from swiping magstripe cards to the more secure EMV chip-based system, so merchants need to have the tech on-hand to accept this payment type.


Step 1: Job Management

Empower your field workforce with everything they need to complete their jobs efficiently. The home screen gives all the information they need at one glance.


Step 2: Detailed Job Info

One seamless workflow for full work order management keeps field technicians focused, and productive with Coresystems’ Guided Workflow. All data is accessible, no matter if your field staff is on or offline.

Mobile Field Service Excellence

Step 3: Service Excellence

Great field service no longer revolves around reacting to a failure. Top performing organizations have implemented technology and enhanced processes to proactively manage field resources to be better prepared to resolve issues in advance of failures.

Time, Material and Expenses

Step 4: Time, Material and Expenses

Discard the traditional time clock – record all times and activities easily using the field service app. Record and keep track of all field service billable expenses and materials as well.


Step 5: Mobile Checkout

Capture signatures for work completed onsite instantly, complete and accurate reporting in front of the customer, or even accept new quotes or work orders and gain valuable customer feedback using our unique ratings system.

«We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of customer service calls.»

Andreas Heinz,
Head of IT
Kardex Remstar

Perfect field service moments are core moments.
Make it a core moment.

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