Chris Preimesberger, Editor of Features & Analysis at eWeek, highlights that Coresystems enables customers to improve Field Service operations with a Crowd Service delivery model: With Coresystems, service technicians can pick and choose where and when to work and the kinds of projects that interest them.  
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Tom Smith, Research Analyst at DZone / IoT Zone highlights in the article the use of the Crowd Service model to deliver real-time field service to customers. Crowd Service allows sharing resources of employed sub-contractors or fully employed professionals. 
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IoT Journal highlights in their article that Coresystems is enabling customers to improve their field service operations through a Crowd Service delivery model, in order to reduce operational expenditure and risk, while increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.
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Christian Hargrave, writer at App Developer Magazine, highlights the following statement from Manuel Grenacher, CEO of Coresystems: "Many organizations are under-equipped to meet the customer service needs of today’s ultra-connected consumer. Coresystems developed its real-time field service software platform to help organizations improve their business and field service processes. With the introduction of the Project Management Module, they can now offer its customers access to a crowd service delivery model that connects all of the qualified field service technicians."
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  The online magazine MBT highlights that through Crowd Service, supply chain-dependent organizations can proactively ensure that they never face that dreaded IT system downtime that essentially delivers a $1.6 million bill every hour.
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New Project Management Module is Key Element of Coresystems' Groundbreaking Field Service Delivery Model for Reduced Costs and Increased Customer Satisfaction.
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