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Having the best field service technicians available won’t matter much if they don’t have the right parts to make necessary repairs. Automated inventory management ensures that the right parts are on hand to get the job done. Coresystems Field Service Applications provides all necessary information in real-time. Work order software offers comprehensive inventory overview which helps avoid wasted time and repeat visits. It also optimizes preventive maintenance thanks to real-time tracking, monitoring and forecasting. Seamless interfaces between repair depots, truck stocking, and inventory promise an efficient field service experience.

Minimize repeat visits and maximize profits by ensuring part availability.


Service Revenue

Our customers experience an average increase in service revenue of 19%.


Market Size

The global field service market is predicted to account for $5 billion by 2022.


Spare Parts

Best-in-Class report that the necessary parts are available in the technician's truck 84% of the time.

Field Service Software - Master Data Management

Accelerate Your End-to-End Work Order Lifecycle

With Coresystems’ user-friendly inventory overview, it is easy for you to track parts at each stage of the work order lifecycle. Our work order software gives you real-time insight into warehouse and service truck management. This makes it possible to reduce inefficiency caused by missing parts and unorganized returns, which in turn increases field service profitability. Customers also benefit from timely repairs and first-time-fixes, which boosts brand loyalty.

Field Service Software - Material and Spare Parts

Improve Job Performance with Enhanced Inventory Visibility

Use Coresystems’ work order software to manage all your inventory data. This includes part requests and return material authorizations (RMAs). Thanks to seamless integration with your ERP, you can easily integrate all essential information. This makes it possible for field service technicians to quickly locate parts and costs within their own trucks or nearby depots.

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Improved inventory visibility means:

  • assets are easier to manage
  • inventory costs can be reviewed and adjusted across the board
  • field service technicians can use filters to easily locate a necessary part
  • customers are not forced to wait for replacement parts or repeat visits to complete a job
Field Service Software - Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Fulfill Your SLAs and Set Aside Reserved Materials

Coresystems’ Service Level Agreement (SLA) widget helps you stay abreast of your SLA commitments. That means that customer contracts, SLAs, and warranties are readily available and accessible to your field service workforce. This is essential for maintaining customer trust and satisfaction. The Material Reservation widget lets you earmark materials for service calls so that they are available as needed.

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The SLA and Material Reservation widgets help you:

  • provide your field service workforce with crucial information regarding SLAs 
  • reach your customer relationship management (CRM) goals by ensuring you provide reliable service with the right tools and equipment
  • organize your available inventory and allocate it to specific field service jobs
Field Service Software - ERP and Work Order Management

Integrate Inventory Management into Your ERP System

The easy integration of Coresystems’ work order software and inventory management into your ERP system promises the most extensive end-to-end tracking of inventory possible. By merging valuable parts information with our management and work order tools, you can follow your parts from the warehouse to truck stocking to arrival on site with the customer. This level of visibility across all stages of the inventory lifecycle minimizes disruptions to effective field service and maximizes transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

All-in-one Field Service Software for your entire team.
Make it a core moment.

Crowd Service

Coresystems has pioneered "Crowd Service" – which allows customers to leverage an Uber-like platform to find available field service technicians in real-time.

Field Service Analytics, Reports & Dashboards

Delivering exceptional service is tougher today than it's ever been. With analytics you can make your service more efficient, effective, and more closely aligned with your customers' needs.

Customer Self-Service

Coresystems Now Self-Service Portal is a knowledge base and customer portal all in one. With the easy-to-use code scanner function, your customers can quickly access product or equipment information or initiate service calls in a more efficient manner.

Field Service Knowledge Management

Customer satisfaction begins with employee expertise. With Knowledge Management, you can ensure that your employees have the insight and information necessary to deliver high-quality service in any situation.

Work Order Management Software

Great service means being in the right place at the right time. With Workforce Management Material you can link parts to warehouses in real-time, so your field service technicians have a better chance of getting it right the first time. You can also track service vehicles for improved resource management and response times.

Workforce Scheduling & Field Service Dispatching Software

Great field service no longer revolves around reacting to a failure. With our intuitive technology and enhanced processes, you can proactively manage field resources, and be better prepared to resolve your customer issues in advance of failures.

Mobile Field Service Management Software & App

Customers demand a level of service which is difficult to execute in paper form. Mobile technology has transformed the way in which organizations operate in the field in this age of the empowered customer.

Integrations and Cloud

Coresystems is delivered in the cloud as a SaaS application, yet offers seamless offline functionality in all mobile applications. Best of all, our ecosystem comes ready for 3rd party integrations with our powerful API.

Security and GDPR

Understanding security, GDPR and personal data definition is critical for business compliance. Coresystems will take any action necessary to ensure that we handle customer data in compliance with applicable law.

We have already successfully reduced the time between servicing and invoicing from several weeks to an average of six days on more than 50% of customer service calls.
Andreas Heinz, Head of IT

Perfect field service moments
are core moments.

Best-in-class companies have transformed their service organization by focusing on the customer. Coresystems helps you to make every part of your service process more human and efficient - from first contact to happy customer and beyond.

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