Get the right people to the right place,
on time, with the parts they need.

Human resource planning is often costly to an organization due to unexpected variables. Reduce expenses with automated scheduling in real time, which allows you to assign call-outs and provide software assistance in response to unexpected events. Never get caught out again by unforeseen problems occurring such as vans breaking down, employees calling in sick or jobs running on over the allocated time. Use automated scheduling to determine the greatest possible call volume at the lowest possible cost and ensure that your business never suffers a dip in customer service due to unattended or late call-outs. Plan multiple call out jobs, prioritize important service calls and manage complex shift schedules.

Effectively manage work orders and maximize utilization rates to ensure happy customers.

Planning and Dispatch

Plan ad hoc and scheduled field service assignments. See field workforce locations on the map in real time, check availability, assign service orders and plan the most efficient route.

Rapid Reallocation

Display map complete with job locations and current status of work. See all of the information you need in real time, avoiding unnecessary additional costs.

Publish and Interact

Synchronize your planned assignments with staff whilst they are out in the field and receive regular status updates whilst field maintenance work is being carried out.

Right Engineer + Right Parts +
Right Job = Best Results

Truck rolls can be expensive; the average service business spends $430 on each one. Because these costs add up, first-time fixes are critically important. Coresystems makes first-time fixes a reality by giving techs access to customer work history and the ability to track assets and document job notes. With mobile field service software, techs no longer have to carry around lots of paperwork; they can feed real-time job status information to the back office.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Coresystems workforce management software makes scheduling and dispatching easy. No matter if your scheduling process is manual, interactive, or fully automated, Coresystems' advanced scheduling capabilities make dispatching easier to manage.

Workforce Management Service Call
Workforce Management Scheduling Dispatching

Total Visibility Takes The
Stress Out of Scheduling

The visibility offered in the drag-and-drop dispatch console makes assigning and scheduling field service technicians more efficient. You can create schedules for a number of work orders at the same time. Not only is scheduling simpler, but both service levels and the customer experience improve since repair times are lowered and profits increase. By ensuring the right technician has the necessary skills and customer information at hand, he has a much better chance of getting to the customer quickly and completing a first-time fix. Your field workforce will appreciate this increase in dispatching efficiency.

Skill Management For
Advanced Workforce Scheduling

Scheduling the technician who has the right skills required for a particular job is workforce management at its best. With Coresystems Skill Management, you can manage your field service workforce and see skills that are specific to certain techs and certain user-defined service calls. Utilizing assets in a logical, efficient way is what Coresystems Skill Management is all about, since it factors in service regions, technician location, and best routes, in addition to technician skills. Thanks to advanced workforce scheduling, field service techs will have fewer truck rolls, higher first-time fix rates, and spend less time traveling.

Workforce Management Skill Management
Roi with Workforce Management Auto-Scheduling

+15% ROI Increase by
Intelligent Auto-Scheduling

Dispatching can be a difficult and time-consuming job spent on the phone or sorting through service request that need to be assigned. Why not eliminate some of the stress of scheduling by having Coresystems real-time schedule optimization technology? Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes intelligent auto-scheduling a reality by using the newest algorithms for real-time service optimization that increases your bottom line and helps your operations run more smoothly.

Workforce management optimization is crucial to being competitive and providing an excellent service experience. With Coresystems auto-scheduling, you can optimize multiple jobs at once, increasing your service speed and ability to efficiently deliver metrics.

Project Management For
Complex Services Or Installations

Use the Gantt view to plan and manage both installation and service projects. When you are planning a complex service job that needs a large team or multiple days of work, simply create a Gantt chart by dragging and dropping tasks. Coresystems makes scheduling complicated field service projects much simpler so technicians can start work faster. Project planning and workforce management has never been easier.

Project Planning in Workforce Management

«Coresystems‘ field service solution allows us to easily assign the right field service technician to a job. It gives us valueable information about the duration of a service and allows us to quickly reassign a technician, when there is an open time slot.»

Andreas Heinz,
Head of IT
Kardex Remstar

Perfect field service moments are core moments.
Make it a core moment.

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